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+ Provide capacity and energy on energy market mechanisms in exchange for remuneration


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Be remunerated for your generation and consumption flexibilities

RTE’s mission is to ensure the security of the French power system. This includes both security of supply and real-time supply-demand balance. For this purpose, RTE calls on flexibility options provided by generation and consumption sites on market mechanisms.

A flexibility option is the ability to adapt generation and/or consumption for a given period, on request from RTE or an aggregator, to contribute to the supply-demand balance of the electricity system. The “flexibilisation” of the electricity system is identified as a major driving force for the successful energy transition. Flexibility options provide a means to handle uncertainty in generation, consumption peaks, local network constraints and to facilitate the integration of intermittent energy sources.

The Generation = Consumption balance is represented by the frequency in Europe (50Hz).




A load reduction can be remunerated across all mechanisms in the same way as energy generation. Load reduction consists in reducing all or part of a participant’s consumption, on external request, over a given period of time. It thus constitutes an alternative to generation for the power system. France is the first country in Europe to have opened up all of its national market structures to all consumers, including those connected to distribution networks.



Flexibility products which sites can be remunerated for

  •  Capacity (MW): You provide “available time”, i.e.: a time slot during which you are able to modulate your generation or decrease your consumption. You are remunerated for your availability, based on a fixed premium (in €/MW).
  • Energy (MWh): You are paid following effective activation (generation or load reduction) for a fixed power and duration (in €/MWh).

Market mechanisms on which flexibility products can be remunerated

The mechanisms presented below may be interdependent: if you participate in a capacity remuneration mechanism, you are under obligation to offer your energy on an energy remuneration mechanism.

Note: participation in the Capacity Mechanism is mandatory for any electricity generation capacity (including batteries) that respects the CO2 emission limits in accordance with article L.335-3 of the Energy Code. Load reduction are not obliged to participate in the capacity mechanism but must also respect the CO2 emission limits if they wish participate on this capacity mechanism.

Capacity remuneration mechanisms


Energy remunerations mechanisms

How to participate

To participate in the mechanisms, you can become a market participant (contracting directly with RTE) or go through an aggregator. Agregators may aggregate several flexibility options to offer them on the markets. If you contract with an aggregator, you are paid according to the provisions negotiated in the framework of a private contract with the latter.

Additional information

MOOC on load reduction

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