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+ To be free to choose your electricity supplier or to sell your generation freely, it may be necessary to distribute energy flows between two sites (lead site connected to the PTS and hosted site (site en décompte)), or within the same site, and to assign them to separate balance responsible parties.


  • Consumers

  • Generators

What does the accounting serviceprovide and how do I benefit from it?

The accounting service includes several different options, which allow, depending on the need, to:

Distribute energy flows between 2 different SIRET sites: i.e.: between a lead site and ahosted site, to allow the hosted customer (client en décompte) to freely choose their electricity supplier and/or freely sell its generation on the market.

These terms are possible via 3 accounting serviceoptions proposed in the Optional Services Contract (contrat de prestations annexes):

Sell the production present on your consumption site (same SIRET) on the markets: i.e.: to allocate to separate balance responsible parties the energy consumed on your consumption site and the energy generated by your power generation sources on the same site.

This solution is made possible through the Optional Services Contract :

Sell a part of the feed in tariff (obligation d’achat) or additional remuneration generation: i.e.: to separately assign the energy flows at the level of the feed in tariff or additional remuneration contract.

This solution is made possible through the additional services contract:

It is possible to subscribe by entering into an additional services contract, accessible from the above links, whether or not you have a transmission system access contract (CART). The tariffs are shown on each page.

The different accounting service options require the installation of RTE meters to customise energy flows.

Reference documentation

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:


For additional information, please contact your usual account manager or the generic email address of your customer service.