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From 12 January to 19 February 2021, RTE is conducting a survey of interests on the candidate zones for calls for tenders for flexibility solutions as alternatives to adapting the power system.

Flexibility tenders

RTE is contributing to the integration of flexibility options into the power system to improve congestion management services and thus to offer potential alternatives to network adaptations.

As such, RTE will undertake experimental tenders to call for flexibilities such as storage or demand response as an alternative to development or adaptations of the power system.

RTE has identified four candidate zones for these flexibility tenders and is launching the survey of interests phase in these areas.


The four candidate zones for experimental tenders


Survey of interests

The purpose of the survey of interests is to provide preliminary information on anticipated congestions and the expected flexibility service in the zones candidate for experimental flexibility option tenders, and to assess the interest of flexibility operators in providing congestion management services in these zones.

RTE will use the responses received to the survey of interests to determine, among the candidate zones, those in which tenders will actually be launched.

The survey of interests is open to all stakeholders interested in the provision of flexibilities services for network congestion management.

Participation in the survey of interests phase is optional: not participating in this phase does not preclude applying for future calls for tender. RTE stresses, however, that tenders will only be launched on areas where market participants have expressed interest in providing a flexibility service.

The answers to the survey of interests are not binding for respondents: they do not imply a commitment to answering future calls for tenders or proposing a service corresponding to the information provided in the response to the survey of interests.

The information published in the context of the survey of interests is not binding for RTE: it is preliminary information for which further detail will be given at calls for tenders, following in-depth studies carried out by RTE, responses from market participants to the survey of interests phase and the outcome of the consultation.

Finally, all of the information transmitted by the market participants in the context of the survey of interests will be handled confidentially by RTE.

The terms of participation in the survey of interests

Participation in the survey of interests will take place according to the following timeline and modalities:


You can direct all your questions relating to this procedure to

For more information on experimental flexibility tenders, view the Flexibility tenders page.


January 12, 2021