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+ RTE will work with you, investigating flexible connection solutions that optimise your location, deadlines and costs.


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Key stages involved in connection

We will provide you with support in your connection project, sharing various technical studies with you so you can refine it.


A dedicated contact person will assist you throughout the procedure. They will undertake:

  • To contact you within two weeks to confirm your needs and priorities in drafting your connection proposal in terms of cost, time frames and electricity quality.
  • To provide you with regular reports at key stages as your facility is connected up.

1. Exploratory study: Initial free study

The exploratory study lists all connection options to the site and includes an estimate of costs and a timetable for implementation. This study is not contractually binding for RTE.

2. Technical and Financial Proposal (TFP)

The Technical and Financial Proposal specifies the consistency of the works at the preparatory stage, the approximate cost of the works (binding proposal at 15% more than the costs), together with a realistic estimated timeframe. The TPF will remain valid for three months. Signing the TPF will launch the consultation process and the administrative permits, together with the detailed studies.

Launch of the design phase and consultation process

RTE works with local inhabitants and the public authorities on determining the best route for the connection link.  RTE can initiate detailed studies in order to determine the precise cost and the timeframe involved in carrying out the work.

RTE provides you with regular updates about your connection.

3. Connection agreement

The Connection agreement specifies the consistency of the works on completion of the detailed studies, provides a definite cost and gives details of the timeframe for providing the connection.

It is binding for both RTE and the client, who must prepare the infrastructure required for the connection.

The connection agreement must be signed before the works commence.

RTE will then send you the specifications detailing the requirements for the way in which the protective systems work, for metering and possibly for exchanging information. These requirements are designed to ensure that your facilities are safely connected to the Public Transmission System.

4. Works phase

RTE carries out the work once the connection agreement has been signed and will keep you informed of progress. RTE can invite you to visit the site.

RTE provides you with regular updates about your connection.

5. Prior to commissioning:

RTE and the client enter into the network access contract and the operation and commissioning agreement

The network access contract specifies commitments in terms of metering, contract power and scheduled interruptions for being able to access the network. It also specifies responsibilities and provides pricing and invoicing conditions.
The operation and commissioning agreement specifies the responsibilities of each stakeholder in order to ensure that the facility is properly integrated into the power system, together with the operating and commissioning rules that need to be adhered to in order to ensure the security of people and property.

6. Welcome to RTE

  • Enjoy customised services
  • Enjoy services in relation to the quality of your power supply
  • Access the electricity market


To be valid, the exploratory study, the TFP request must be submitted with the facility data collection sheets. These can be found in the available Technical Reference Documentation.

Adhere to the payment deadlines in accordance with the terms and conditions below:

Financial contributions for the studies

Financial contributions for the works

Your contacts:

The country is covered by seven Regional Sales Departments.

To get connected up to the network, please contact your nearest Sales Department.