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RTE provides you with the following data:

  • abacuses Kh et Kj
  • coefficient C,technology
  • coefficient CGP
  • interconnections contributions
  • reference extreme temperature
  • capacity of demand response based on tariffs
  • Equivalent historical PP2 days over the 2004 to 2016 period (prior to the first year of implementation of the capacity mechanism):

    > these equivalent historical PP2 days are made available for CEs with sufficient historical capacities and certified according to the normative method (10 years of history for wind power, for example).
    > from 2017 (first year of implementation of the capacity mechanism), the PP2 day history notified by RTE is provided on the PP1 and PP2 signals.

On Decmeber 15, 2021, RTE updated the obligation forecasts based on the 4 consumption trajectories studied in the context of the 2021 Generation Adequacy Report, which you can find here and for which trajectory n°2 is the reference trajectory:

Specifically, the consumptions considered in the calculation of the reference power for France do not take into account any actions in place to manage peak energy consumption (including demand response). The reference power published by RTE therefore does not account for any potential actions suppliers have in place to manage peak energy consumption.

Find here the file of previously published obligation estimations.

In addition, RTE has published the sum of the obligation pre-estimations transmitted by obligated parties for 2023, in accordance with article 6.2 of the capacity mechanism terms and conditions:

For obligated parties who have not provided an obligation pre-estimation for 2023, the value received in October 2021 for 2022 is used to establish the sum of the adjusted obligation pre-estimations. For parties who have not provided any pre-estimate for 2022, no correction is applied. RTE assesses the missing obligation at less than 100 MW (ie less than 0.1% of the obligation).

This publication is accompanied by the list of obligated parties who have not transmitted their pre-estimation to RTE:

Last update 01/08/2023

Last update 04/07/2023


To match the Obligated Parties active in 2021 with the previous EIC codes or company names from 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, RTE provides the following cross-reference table.

RTE provides you with the overall data for the years for which financial settlement was notified to market participants:

  • status of the overall system imbalance calculated by RTE and which determined the negative imbalance settlement unit prices,
  • overall status of financial settlements of Obligated Parties and Capacity Portfolio Managers to date. RTE specifies that these data may evolve over time depending on the outcome of any claims received. To this effect, the date of the last update is specified in the download file. For information, RTE also provides in that file overall estimated data for the years not yet subject to financial settlement notification.