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FCR Frequency Containment Reserve


aFRR automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve


Specific mFRR Specific Manual Frequency Restoration Reserve


Specific RR Specific Restoration Reserve


Unintended exchanges (DeltaPi) Difference between scheduled exchanges and measured physicals flows


Imbalance Netting (IGCC) Imbalance Netting (International Grid Control Cooperation)


Countertrading & XB Redispatching Countertrading & cross border Redispatching


TSO emergency contracts TSO emergency contracts


BALIT Activations and energy requested by the BALIT platform to RTE


RTE Need Energy requested by RTE to European balancing platforms such as TERRE

  • Energy volume activated for electric system balance = specific offers activated for balancing + satisfied RR standard need
  • Energy volume activated for congestion = specific offers activated for network reason
  • Energy volume activated for SSY = specific offers activated for Frequency Ancillary Services reason
  • Energy volume activated for Marge = specific offers activated for margin reason

TERRE Platform