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IFA will soon be going live with a new Intraday Auction Schedule.

The switch from Auction Schedule A to Auction Schedule B as detailed in the IFA Access Rules will allow for Intraday capacity to be offered via four Auctions per day and with Nomination Gate Closures every hour.

Auction Schedule B shall be applied from 25th February 2021 for all Intraday auctions in respect of delivery days from (and including) 26th February 2021. The first Intraday auction to be operated under Schedule B will be ID1 for which the bidding period is 19:15-19:45 (CET) on the 25th February 2021. Details of the new IFA Intraday schedule can be found here.

Should the date of the switch need to be amended, a further notification will be made by JAO and by IFA.

If you have any queries or require further assistance, please contact (tel: +


January 28, 2021