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Customer service, connections and electricity markets maintained during the health crisis.

France is entering a new lockdown period and RTE has already reactivated a business continuity plan to ensure both maximum protection of its employees and continuity of service to its customers.

Remote working is once again widespread at RTE for missions that can be carried out remotely. Despite this, RTE will maintain absolute continuity of all of its activities.


In particular, customer service, connection procedures and electricity markets will continue to operate.

This is the commitment we are making for you: RTE is adapting its organisation to ensure continuity of service.


As in the spring, our teams are fully mobilised to ensure that all of our services to customers are maintained. To streamline the processing of your requests, we recommend that you send them to our customer services electronically.

As electricity markets are essential for the power system, they will continue to operate under normal conditions. If the situation changes, RTE will inform you as soon as possible.

Finally, RTE teams are mobilised to respond to connection requests and to connect ongoing projects. Since the spring, connection requests have been accepted electronically. With regard to ongoing projects, the completion of the connections and commissioning of facilities continues. RTE teams are working closely with customers to carry these out and to adapt work schedules in accordance with the health regulations where needed.


November 5, 2020