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Your private data is now fully available via the Services Portal and the Data Portal.

For more than a year now, RTE has been offering a new package of digital services designed to guarantee each of its clients data that is safer, more reliable and more complete, and that can be accessed using procedures that meet every need.

Henceforth, all of the regulatory services that were previously available via the Dat@RTE* package are now available from the Services Portal and the Data Portal.

RTE has committed to giving you twelve months advance notice before discontinuing its old Dat@RTE package: This means you can start thinking about what you will need to do with your data streams and migrate them over to this new more modern package. To support you during this migration, RTE has provided a list of correspondences with the new package.

The countdown starts the 12th of October 2020. The Dat@RTE package will definitively cease being available on 12 October 2021.

RTE's hotline and your account manager will remain your preferred points of contact:

By email:
By telephone: 0810 80 50 50

(*): The old Dat@RTE package includes the PUBLICATION application (MMI access and facility for sending emails) and the metering menu of the Customer Services Portal (CSP) application. These applications will cease to be available on 5 October 2021.


October 12, 2020