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RTE is emplementing new connection rules to speed up the handling of requests and promote the advancement of the most mature projects.

In its deliberation 2024-96 of 13 June 2024, the CRE approved changes to the procedure for processing requests for connection of consumption facilities to the electricity transmission system. 

The aim of the work carried out within the CURTE’s Market Access Commission was to introduce rules for entry, maintenance and exit from the queue for access to public transmission system capacity for consumption facilities, as well as to set out the principles of Article 28 of the APER law. 

RTE proposes new rules to:
•    facilitate the entry into the queue and maintaining position in the queue of the most mature projects;
•    strengthen the conditions for the admissibility of connection requests (payment of a lump sum at the time of the TFP request); 
•    describe the consequences of the application of the scheme for modifying the order of classification of connection requests by the regional prefect (Article 28 of the APER law).   

These rules are applicable to the TFP sent on or after 29 June 2024, and will also be applied to customers who already have a valid TFP, after a period of two years from the entry into force of the new rules (i.e. in June 2026).



July 1st 2024