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From July 12th to September 15th 2023, RTE is opening the annual consultation for manual frequency restoration and replacement reserves for 2024.

This release presents the terms and conditions for participation in the call for tenders for the contracting of 750 MW of capacity that can be activated on the balancing mechanism for the period from January 1st to  December 31th 2024.

Following a phase of discussions and public consultation on the terms and conditions of the 2023 call for tenders at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, RTE submitted a project to CRE for approval on 9th June 2022. The terms and conditions approved by the CRE in its decision of July 21st 2022 also apply to this year.

To participate in the consultation, candidates need to sign or have a valid agreement to participate in the rules on manual frequency restoration and replacement reserves and hold a participation agreement as a balancing actor under the MA-RE rules in force, by 15th September 2023 before 12:00 a.m. at the latest.

The volumes and terms of this call for tenders are strictly the same as for 2023.

Finally, in accordance with Regulation (EU) n°2019/943 of June 5th 2019 on the internal electricity market, since 2021, RTE contracts part of its need through a daily call for tenders.

Timeline of the consultation

The contract will be awarded through an open call for tenders.

Consultation file

The consultation file includes the following elements:

  • Rules relating to manual frequency restoration and replacement reserves
  • Tender regulation
  • Annexes relating to the setup of an observability system


For any queries, please contact (RTE Purchasing Division) et (RTE Market Division).

July 12, 2023