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Your private data is now fully available via the Services Portal and the Data Portal.

Last October, RTE told you that the Dat@RTE package would be permanently ending in one year, specifically 12 October 2021. If you have not yet done so, use the last few months before this older service ends to perform any necessary operations on your data flows and migrate everything over to the Services Portal and / or the Data Portal.

To support you as effectively as possible during this transition, RTE has provided a list of correspondences with the new package. This file will help you navigate through the Services Portal and the Data Portal, and you will see how they correspond to the data services that were available through the Dat@RTE package.

Remember that the old Dat@RTE package includes the PUBLICATION application (MMI access and facility for sending emails) and the metering menu of the Customer Services Portal (CSP) application. The CSP's other menus are not concerned by this communication. Based on your profile, you could use these services to access a range of data including metering data, adjusted consumption data or even assessed discrepancy data.

For more details and for any questions you may have about the end of the Dat@RTE package, feel free to email your special account manager or telephone the RTE hotline:


June 29, 2021