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TURPE 6 HV-B will enter into force on 1 August 2021. RTE is providing information for its customers and offering new services to support this transition.

TURPE 6 HTB applies from 1 August 2021 for a period of approximately 4 years and will be updated annually on 1 August of each year.

RTE informs its customers of the main changes in the tariff. To learn more about TURPE 6, its main principles and developments, you can visit the page Understanding the public transmission system access tariff (TURPE) which now includes:

  • two new explanatory brochures on TURPE 6
  • TURPE 6 tariff lists

Digital services to support RTE customers in this transition:

  • To guide customers in their choice of subscriptions, a digital service View the tariff optimisations (optimised Tariff Version and Subscribed Powers) calculated on the basis of past consumptions is available since mid-May in My Services – CART management category.
    Any request to change these subscriptions can be made through the Apply - CART service also available in the My Services tab – CART management category.
    Please note that customers will be able to make a Tariff Version change with no requirement of a 12-month time limit from the previous change at the entry into force of TURPE 6. 
    For this request to be applicable on 1 August, the request must be filed by 31 July (one-day notice). 
  • To track potential reactive energy overruns, a reactive energy overrun notification service will be available beginning of August, in My Services – Notifications category, replacing the Tan Phi overrun notification service.
  • In addition, the Contract power exceedance notification service, accessible to sites with IP-based metering, helps control their subscribed power overruns. Find this service in the My Services tab – Notifications category

As these services are private, accessible to RTE customers, you need an account on the Service Portal (if you do not already have one), and to request access from your company’s administrator.

For further information, you can contact your account manager.


July 20, 2021