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For more than a year, RTE has been deploying a new digital services offer incorporating the latest web technologies.

In particular, this involves modernising the way in which data is viewed and providing access to a manual download facility via the Services Portal, as well as data flow services on the Data Portal for retrieving data published by RTE, previously available in the form of servlets*.

On 11 December 2018, an initial wave of public data was switched over to the new service offering. The initiative is continuing and on 12 June, around ten or so pages on the Client portal will be migrated over to the Services and Data portals. This migration will be for the following data:

  • Daily load curves
  • Year ahead forecast margin
  • Unavailability of generation resources
  • Calendar for Tempo-like supply contracts
  • Forecast for the week ahead
  • PP1 and PP2 signals
  • Daily capacity/price curve

To support you as effectively as possible during this migration, RTE has provided a list of correspondences  with the new offering. Forwarding links will also be available on the Clients portal, starting 12 June.

RTE's hotline and your account manager are available to help you with this migration:

By email:
By telephone:+33 (0)810 80 50 50

*Servlets are programmes which are used to build applications which generate dynamic webpages (HTML, XML). They are web links integrated into applications for retrieving data. This technology is now obsolete, having been superseded by APIs.


May 15, 2019