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RTE will sell 8 072.7 MW of Guarantees for 2021 at the EPEX Spot Auction of 10 December 2020.

Since the 2019 delivery year, this statistical contribution of the borders to security of supply has been factored in "explicitly" (with the exception of interconnection capacities with Switzerland), which means that it takes the form of capacity guarantees.

For the delivery year 2021, RTE is charged with settling cross-border capacity guarantees under the streamlined procedure.

For this delivery year, the corresponding volume of guarantees is 8 072.7  MW.

In accordance with the terms approved by the CRE, in its deliberation no. 2019-133 of Thursday 20 June 2019, RTE will put these capacity guarantees up for sale during the last session of the auction held by EPEX Spot preceding the start of the delivery year. This auction is scheduled for 10 December 2020. These capacity guarantees will be offered for sale without a reserve price.


November 5, 2020