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From 3 November 2021 (delivery day), RTE is setting up a daily call for tenders for contracting automatic frequency restoration reserve capacities.

In accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 2019/943 of 5 June 2019 on the internal market for electricity, RTE must contract its automatic frequency restoration reserve requirement one day before the provision of the balancing capacity with a contracting period of no longer than one day.

As such, RTE will contract all of its automatic frequency restoration reserve requirement through a day-ahead call for tenders. The first gate closure of this day-ahead tender will be held on 2 November 2021 for a 3 November 2021 first delivery day.

Procedure for day-ahead call for tenders

Contracting of automatic frequency restoration reserve type products through a day-ahead call for tenders takes place after the contracting of frequency containment reserve products (FCR) and before the contracting of manual frequency restoration and replacement reserves products and the closing time of the auction of the day-ahead markets, set at 12PM.

From 2 November 2021, the day-ahead gate closure for automatic frequency restoration reserve will therefore take place every day at 9AM in D-1 and publication of the results no later than 9:30AM. The opening of the day-ahead gate for automatic frequency restoration reserve allowing submission of bids for a delivery day D will take place on D-8 at 9AM.

Terms for participation

Only reserve providers with qualified capacities can participate to the automatic frequency restoration reserve calls for tenders.

The procedures for the day-ahead call for tenders are described in Article 6.4 of the Frequency Ancillary Services terms and conditions.

An IT guide is published on the webpage Providing frequency ancillary services. This guide explains the procedures for submitting bids and details the operation of the platform through which market participants submit their bids.

Connection to the platform

Permission to the RACOON application is required in order to be able to participate in the day-ahead call for tenders. A permission request with the list of expected users must first be sent to RTE and requires a PKI certificate for each of the required users. For users who do not yet have PKI, a creation request can be made upstream on the RTE Service Portal.

Publications of the call for tenders results

The results of the daily call for tenders will be published on the RTE Services Portal in accordance with the following terms:

  • Total volume retained and marginal price for each direction at 30 minute intervals
  • Downloadable history file on each year

The data will also be available by API (Balancing Capacity).


For any queries, please email your usual account manager or (RTE Sales Division).


October 29, 2021