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RTE notifies you, by email, when you exceed your contractual Tangent Phi or a maximum percentage of your contractual Tan Phi, defined according to your preferences.

Included in your CART contract.
+ Automated monitoring of your workflow to better control your reactive power consumption.

The service

From November through March, your surplus reactive power consumption is invoiced to you when you exceed the threshold of your contractual Tangent Phi*.

RTE notifies you by email at your chosen frequency when the Tangent Phi curve for a connection point (PLIC) reaches :

  • a contractual threshold corresponding to the maximum contractual Tangent Phi for the connection point,
  • a notification threshold corresponding to a percentage of the maximum contractual Tangent Phi for the connection point.

You can define your notifications according to your preferences :

  • email addresses to which the notification is sent,
  • frequency of notifications (daily, weekly, monthly).


This service is experimental.

To be eligible for this service, you must :

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  • Producers
  • Consumers

* The Tangent Phi is calculated monthly at the end of month, via the ratio of the amount of reactive power consumed to the amount of active power consumed. From November through March inclusive, the surplus reactive power consumed is invoiced to you (in excess of 40% of active power consumed): working days from 7am to 11pm in HVB1 and HVB2; from Monday through Saturday from 6am to 10pm in HVB3. This service is based on TURPE 5 tariff rules