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+ Get additional revenue by supplying voltage system services to RTE.


  • Generators
  • New Exempt Interconnectors (on a voluntary basis and if RTE has confirmed a need)
  • Consumers with technical capacities (on a voluntary basis and if RTE has confirmed a need)

What is voltage control?

RTE controls voltage on the network so as to ensure that equipment behaves correctly and that the system works properly overall. Numerous factors can interfere with this equilibrium (seasonal cycles, random variations in consumption, outages, etc.).

As a generator, you are required to provide RTE with your voltage control capacities. The aim: to ensure fine and fast dynamic voltage control so as to maintain it within its normal operating range and to prevent voltage collapses.

As a consumer, you may occasionally be asked to operate your static control devices (capacitors) to contribute to voltage control on the network. You can also, if the need is confirmed by RTE, make your voltage control capacities available and sign a participation agreement Voltage System Services Terms and Conditions to be remunerated for this service.

Participating in voltage control

Your participation is defined on the basis of the constructive capacities of your installation. You participate in voltage control for each coupling period, providing the reactive power range so that voltage can be controlled at the connection point.
For generators, the characteristics and performances of the voltage control functions expected of your installations are described in the technical reference documentation (chapter 4.2, French only).

Contracting with RTE

  1. When you are connected up, you agree to the Voltage System Services Terms and Conditions (French only) to get a remuneration for providing voltage control capacities. These rules have been approved by the French national regulatory authority (CRE). They set forth the contractual, financial and technical terms and conditions.
  2. You will also have access to the RTE information service in accordance with the terms described in the document: Information on access to the RTE Voltage System Services IT Terms and Conditions (French only).
  3. The technical terms for the provision of voltage system services are specific to your installation and, for generators, defined in the connection agreement and operation and management agreement.

Your remuneration

RTE pays you a fixed component and a variable component, depending on the terms and conditions defined in the terms and conditions. Payment is based on the size of installation (reactive power range) and the type of voltage control (primary or secondary).

Reference documentation


For any questions, please contact your usual account manager.