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RTE notifies you, by email and/or text message, when your active power reaches or exceeds the pre-notifications threshold for your contract power.

Included in your CART contract.
+ Optimise your power bill by managing consumption at your site.

The service


To help you better manage your contract power overruns, RTE notifies you when the active power of one of your connection points reaches :

  • a pre-notification threshold corresponding to a percentage of the contract power for this connection point, which has been previously defined for all of your company’s users;
  • a notification threshold corresponding to the contract power for this connection point.

The overrun calculations take hourly/seasonal variations into consideration.


Configuring your notifications

To configure your notifications you must create an account and name an administrator for your company. The administrator may then :

  • give several people in your company access to the service;
  • configure the service for each connection point: pre-notification threshold (% of contract power) and frequency (at each overrun or a maximum of once per day and per threshold).

Each service user can manage their own usage preferences: activation or deactivation of notifications, receiving method (email and/or text message) and receiving time range.


This service is experimental.

To be eligible for this service, you must:

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  • Producers
  • Distributors
  • Consumers