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+ Every year, RTE produces a report for the past year on the power system's operational reliability. Beyond being a legal obligation, it provides insight into the level of security of the network and the associated issues.

What is RTE’s reliability report?

RTE prepares a system reliability report each year which provides the main elements relating to the security of the power system operation for the past year: significant system events (ESS in French), key points on supply-demand balance (EOD), elements on the stability of the network, information on the high voltage threshold overruns, safety tools... It is intended for the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and for the CRE (French Energy Regulatory Commission) and the energy sector players. This report is prepared by the audit department of RTE.

What does the 2021 reliability report say?

Within a context of energy transition, the penetration of new renewable energy generation technologies (RE) as well as changes in the behaviour of the stakeholders and the European integration require RTE to continuously adapt. In a drive to keep pace with the changes expected to occur, RTE has implemented numerous initiatives to ensure high levels of reliability.
The 2021 reliability key performance indicators have improved from past years. RTE and the stakeholders carried out the actions to lower the consequences of the COVID-19 public-health crisis, 
Nevertheless, it was still observed that the French power system had lower margins on its supply-demand balance than in the past, and had increased variability of flows both in direction and intensity, in particular because of the transformation of the European energy mix, mainly: increased cross-border trade and dispersion of generation. 
In a context of a lower European power supply, RTE has prepared a security plan, for the winters to come.  
The 2021 report also highlighted the need in the future to assess the opportunities offered by new renewable energy generation technologies, to help manage the supply-demand balance and to ensure the safe operation of the network. 
At European level, in 2021 cooperation between all transmission system operators remained an essential asset for the security of supply of France and all interconnected countries, whether or not they are members of the European Union. This cooperation is reflected in the rapid development of interconnections, but also in the homogenisation of the power system operation rules with the implementation of the European network codes, which RTE is actively working on.

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For further information, please contact, auditor at RTE’s Audit and Risk Department.

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