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As the operator of the Electricity Transmission System, RTE is required to ensure that compensation is provided for energy lost on the grid as it transits the high and extra high voltage network (due to the Joule effect). These losses depend mainly on energy consumption and exchanges, and represent approximately 11 TWh (Terawatt-hours) per year.
To compensate for these losses, RTE organises periodic calls for tenders on the wholesale market for energy and capacity guarantees. These calls for tenders are open to all suppliers who have previously obtained a qualification from RTE on the respective domain. Only qualified suppliers are given details of a call for tenders organisation and content of the respective domain.

The qualification may be requested at any time by the interested parties on the respective domain(s).

Energy is mainly purchased in the form of standard products on the French market : forward baseload and peakload, yearly, quarterly and monthly products.

The capacity guarantees are bought in part in products whose delivery is carried away as per the conditions established in each tender's rules.

For information, for the 2018 delivery year, RTE purchased energy from 15 suppliers.

Qualification documents

Suppliers wishing to take part in calls for tenders and to submit commercial bids have to undergo a qualification procedure. The foregoing will be granted following the receipt and analysis by RTE of a file made up of the following information and documents :

  • a letter of acceptance of the General Agreement on the respective domain(s),
  • administrative, financial and tax information ;

and after conclusive tests of access to RTE's information systems dedicated to losses and capacity guarantees purchasing.

The General Agreement applicable to energy purchases and capacity guarantees to compensate for system losses lays down the contractual framework of relations between RTE and its suppliers. The General Agreement n° PE-07-2018, Version n° 5.1, applies from July 1st 2018 onwards. Previous versions can be found under the page "Archives".



If you are interested in this specific case, you are invited to get in touch with RTE as of now at the address below and request that the necessary qualification file be sent to you:

RTE - Direction Finances
Pôle Compensation des Pertes
Immeuble Window
7C Place du Dôme

You can also contact: