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+ RTE provides you with a service to report, view and amend your RE renewable energy (RE) generation sites 



  • Generators
  • RE project holders
  • Distribution system operators
  • Federations of generators

Service description

Why should you declare future RE projects?

Renewable energy generation sites constitute the basis for developing and adapting network infrastructure to connect S3REnR projects (regional schemes for grid connection of renewable energies).

To support the development of renewable energies, the "Grenelle II” law, entrusts RTE, in agreement with the Distribution System Operators, with the development of regional schemes for grid connection of renewable energies (S3REnR).

In the context of the development or adaptation of S3REnR, a characterisation of the renewable energy projects to be developed in the medium and long term will allow the elaboration of S3REnRs that meet the needs of generators and optimise the cost to the community.

The robustness of the planning is indeed dependant on the reliability and completeness of the reporting of RE generation sites by the project holders.

For example, the generation site reporting service allows all project holders to report their projects with the objective of having a comprehensive view of potential projects in the medium term.

What is the service  declare and view renewable energy generation sites ?

RTE provides you with a service to declare and view your RE generation sites.

As a RE project leader, this service allows you to:

  • view and amend your previously reported RE generation sites,
  • declare new ones confidentially.

Who can view the generation sites?

Authorised RTE users, in order to create the set of assumptions used to build the S3REnR. Users are only authorised within the geographical scope of the S3REnR they are developing. This data is considered commercially sensitive information and is therefore confidential.

This service also allows you to share the information you have declared with the permanent members of the federations of generators or Distribution System Operators you have designated.

How is the confidentiality of your data guaranteed?

As a project holder, you can designate a federation of generators or Distribution System Operator to RTE to grant it access to consult your data. This access is outlined in contract to guarantee the confidentiality of your data: You are required to sign and return a duly completed mandate to RTE. This mandate can be revoked at any time by submitting the request to RTE.

Distribution System Operators and federations of generators will also be required to sign a confidentiality agreement with RTE.

This data will not be communicated outside the framework described above.

The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed by RTE, obliged by the law (Article L. 111-72 of Energy Code) to keep this commercially sensitive information confidential. Details on the protection of the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information can be found in the Code of Conduct submitted to the Energy Regulatory Commission for approval. The confidentiality agreement between RTE and a RE projects holder is therefore tacit as soon as the latter agrees to use the service.

How to subscribe or access the service

The  service for declaring and viewing renewable energy generation sites is accessible from the RTE Service Portal to the RE project holders who have been authorised by RTE.

For more information on how to use the service, you can consult the service’s help page.

For account authorisation requests, please contact your company’s administrator responsible for managing the Service Portal.


How do I designate a first administrator?

Each RE project holder must assign an administrator responsible for adding or removing new users and administrators. This person will also manage the scope of authorisation for users in the company:

  • access to the reporting service
  • geographical scope

To access this service, if you have not yet designated a first Service Portal administrator for your company, please send the following information to:

  • Name of the company
  • SIRET (head office)
  • EIC Code (Energy Identification Code)
  • Last name of the company account administrator on the Service Portal
  • First name of the company account administrator on the Service Portal
  • Email of the company account administrator on the Service Portal

Any incomplete requests will not be be processed.

EIC code creation requests are generally processed within 5 business days, account creations take place on a weekly basis and service authorizations take 2-3 weeks at most.

Service free

This service is free of charge.

Reference documentation


For further information please contact