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The “CART Management ” service offers all customers who have entered into a CART contract with RTE the opportunity to independently manage their CART settings that have a price impact on the invoicing of access to the transmission system. 
Top left on each page of the service, you will find a purple "Launch Tutorial" button which starts the interactive tutorial to help you get started with the "CART Management" service.

View your current and past CART subscriptions

This page provides you with all the data by connection point concerning your current and past Subscribed Power and Tariff Version subscriptions over the last 36 rolling months.

The data displayed are as follows:

  • Connection point name;
  • Date of effect of subscribed powers;
  • Current subscribed powers by time range in kilowatts;
  • Subscribed powers history - clicking this icon displays the subscribed powers history graph.
  • Date of effect of tariff version;
  • Current tariff version;
  • Tariff version history - clicking this icon displays the tariff version history table.

When viewing the subscribed powers history, if you move your mouse over the graph, the legends will update to display the value of the subscribed powers for the selected day. The solid curves represent the requested subscribed powers and the dashed curves represent the subscribed powers applied when increasing after decreasing. To make the graph easier to read, you can:

  • Isolate a curve by clicking on the desired subscribed power in the legend;
  • Enlarge an area by selecting it with the mouse. To return to the initial graph simply click on the "minus" icon at the top right of the graph.

What you need to know

If your account is linked to more than one company and establishment, three filters in the upper left corner are provided to select the company, establishment, and connection point for which you want to view the data.

By clicking on the following download icontelecharger-2 .png, you can download the data displayed in:

  • The current subscriptions table;
  • The subscribed powers history graph;
  • The tariff version history table;

Your Service Portal administrator can configure your company’s users’ access rights to the service via the "Administration" tab, "Groups" page.


For subscription requests, please contact your company’s administrator responsible for running the Service Portal.

If you require any information, please contact your account manager or RTE's hotline by email: or by phone: 0810 80 50 50.