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In September 2022, RTE announced its intention to return to its users the surplus revenue collected due to tensions on the electricity market at European level.

After deliberating on the principle of an exceptional advance (deliberation n°2022-323 of 8 December 2022), the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) has just deliberated on the amount of this refund (deliberation n°2023-50 of 31 January 2023).  

RTE's interconnection revenue comes in particular from access fees paid, in application of European law, by electricity importers or exporters to be able to use the cross-border links operated by RTE. In 2022, the soaring market prices and the widening of price differences with neighbouring countries led to an unprecedented increase in this revenue, constituting an exceptional surplus to be returned. The CRE deliberated to allow a faster return of this surplus. 

Totalling 1,939 million (1), this exceptional measure will have a direct effect on all RTE customers holding a contract for access to the transmission system (2), through a single, advance payment by RTE, during February 2023.

In accordance with CRE deliberation n°2023-50 of 31 January 2023, this global amount is distributed among RTE customers in proportion to the amounts invoiced in 2022(3).

This payment corresponds to almost half of the transmission network access service invoiced by RTE to all customers drawing on its network, in particular distributors and industrial consumers.

(1) Amount excluding taxes. The amount including all taxes, including the Tariff Contribution for Transmission (CTA) and Value Added Tax (VAT) is 2.3 billion euros

(2) Transmission System Access Contract (CART) in force on 8 January 2023

(3) Amounts invoiced by RTE at the transmission tariff (TURPE HV-B) and excluding injection

February 06, 2023