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From 16 January 2023, certificates will no longer be automatically renewed.

RTE is changing its policy for the renewal of application access certificates (PKI): from now on, an explicit request from the holder will be necessary to initiate a renewal.

From 16 January 2023, renewals will no longer be automatic: This means that certificate holders will have to apply for renewal in order to maintain their access to RTE’s applications.

Requests will now be made via the “Renew or Delete a Certificate (PKI)” form.. This form is available on the Services Portal in the "Help and requests" section at the bottom of the page. As a reminder, you must have an account attached to an RTE customer company.

If your company is not yet registered on the Service Portal, here is the procedure to follow.

These new set of rules:

  • improve security,
  • give you visibility on requests for access or renewal of access to RTE applications made by your employees.

To learn more, please consult this document.

 You can also contact your account manager if you have any questions.


November 21, 2022